Demon Cast Out


March 04, 2011


A woman had been wearing a necklace given to her by a witch doctor years before. She was told the day she took it off, she would die. Following a JESUS Film showing, she went forward to accept Jesus Christ. An evil spirit manifested itself in her and she fell to the ground. Team members prayed for her and cast out the demon. She ended up accepting Christ into her life and testified about all that happened to her while she wore the necklace. The necklace was given to the team for them to burn.



May 26, 2010

A missionary asked us to help reach this area in Cuba. As we showed the JESUS Film, there was an awakening and a revival. The people were open to the gospel. The change began because of the film but good things continue to happen as land has been donated for future construction of a mission church.

He Watched the JESUS Film 11 Times


An Asia Pacific Country
May 12, 2010


Jono lives in a village in an Asia Pacific country. He is a teenager but his life is messed up. He was frequently drunk and doing things he should not. He watched the JESUS Film 11 times before he gave his life to Christ. Praise God we are discipling him to know more about God’s love.

Jesus Still Commands the Evil Spirits to Leave


April 28, 2010

“In the film, when Jesus commanded the evil spirit to leave the man and enter the pigs, an old woman fell on the ground and started screaming for help,” said the team member in Tanzania. “We started to pray for her and she began to speak in a strange way. She said, ‘This is my body don’t take it away from me!’ We immediately knew we were dealing with demons in her. She lost consciousness. We continued to pray for her. Minutes later she opened her eyes and testified.  She told us that she had been having a lot of nightmares.

Bringing Peace


April 20, 2011


After sunset, we reached the village and set up our JESUS Film equipment in the front yard of Brother Jaman. The villagers came to watch the film. At one point, a group of young men came and argued with our host Brother Jaman. They started beating him. The anger spread through the crowd and people grabbed us by our collars and pushed us. They almost broke our equipment. But we praise God that He protected from the evil desires of the men. God gave us words and strength to our voices. We fought back with God's power.

Daniel Listened


April 14, 2010

Daniel is visually impaired and lived a life of unhappiness. He attended the JESUS Film showing and listened to the message of the story of Christ’s life. At the end of the show, a team member explained how to live a life that is pleasing to God offering Daniel an opportunity to acknowledge his wrong doings to God. Daniel’s confession allowed him to have a personal relationship with Jesus. He is now living in peace that comes from knowing Christ and is working to overcome his difficulties.

Bitten by a Viper


March 31, 2010

Before knowing Christ, I did not believe in the power of God but I was impacted by the JESUS Film. When I saw the miracles Jesus did, I was able to understand that He is powerful and I surrendered my life to the Lord. I testify that I am a woman of much faith. Since coming to know Christ, I have experienced His saving grace. One night, I walked through my backyard and I felt something bite me. I went straight to the hospital. The doctors told me I was bitten by a viper; I know God saved me!  

Praying for His Mother


March 17, 2010

Raman’s mother was ill and he came to us seeking prayer for her healing. Raman is a believer in Christ  but his mother is a non-believer. She worships many gods and goddesses. We joined with Raman in prayer for his mother.  Slowly she began to get well. Because of Raman’s prayers, his mother is open to knowing more about Jesus. Please pray for this family.

The Church Strengthened


March 03, 2010

In recent months, we have been showing the JESUS Film in the various places in Cuba. Many people in these places have not known about Christ. One pastor told us that after every screening at these sites, the church has been strengthened. More people are attending services and more people are getting involved with the local church.