In Christ Is The Place To Be


August 07, 2008

I thank God for the JESUS Film Team who brought us the good news of Christ our Saviour!  As I sat and watched the JESUS Film, I experienced peace and happiness like I haven’t experienced before.  When the alter call was made, I felt that it was time for me to invite Christ into my life. Today I testify of God’s love in my life. I was a prisoner of sin, but today I am free. I tell all those who haven’t accepted Christ that in Christ is the only place to be!

My Heart Burns for Jesus


July 30, 2008

I would like to share my short testimony of how the JESUS Film ministry has impacted my life. For many years I saw my brother serving in this ministry. I was impressed to see him serving with so much passion. At that time I was a lukewarm Christian, but I saw my brother traveling with the JESUS Film equipment in bus, pickup, horse or whatever means he could find. As I observed him, my heart began to burn more and more to serve Jesus. Over time I became more involved, helping my brother plant a new church in this ministry.

A Life Changed


July 16, 2008

When I accepted the Lord today I felt touched and I am happy because my life has been changed. I want to thank the brothers who came all the way out here to minister to us.  They had to travel 8 hours to share with us about the love of Christ. I will never forget this. God is real and I feel Him in my heart. I will tell my friends that Jesus saves and heals. Thanks for bringing the JESUS Film to this place.


Searching for Peace


July 09, 2008

A 22 year old woman testified that she is happy because she has seen through the JESUS Film the sacrifice that Jesus made, dying on the cross to forgive her sins.  She has asked his forgiveness for everything in her past, and she knows that he is with her.  She had searched for peace following the earthquake in Peru.  Now she knows true peace and tranquillity.  "I give  thanks for the JESUS Film.  This film was very good for me. Thank you for bringing it here."

A Changed Character


July 02, 2008

In Pakistan driving is considered a low occupation in terms of character, attitude and morality. That was a a true statement in my case as I had a poor character and  was an abusive  person.  Then one day the JESUS Film team arranged a  showing in my area with cooperation of some local pastors. A family member took me along with him to watch the film. I went there half heartedly, but as as I started watching the film I realized that  Jesus had suffered and died for my sins on the cross.

I Will Follow Him


June 26, 2008

During a recent showing of the JESUS Film a woman in the crowd fainted. We paused the film screening to pray for her.  We prayed silently with an earnest petition to our Almighty Father on her behalf for about 20 minutes. The woman came to her normal senses and she said, “I know Jesus is the one true God and He has instructed me to share about Him to other women of our village.

The Gospel In A Cube


Democratic Republic of Congo
June 18, 2008

For two weeks the JESUS Film Coordinator for the French Equatorial Field visited Kinshasa and Kindu to organize and train two JESUS Film teams for those areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The team training included use of the EvangeCube and EvangeBall. EvangeCubes and two EvangeBalls were given to each team for discipleship training. 

Respond to Salvation


June 11, 2008

We thank God for the impact that the JESUS Film provoked. We were in a neighborhood characterized by idolatry and delinquency of a high level. The neighborhood was celebrating a party and a great number of persons visited the JESUS Film showing. They were people in great need of God, and they responded to the call for salvation, opening their hearts to Jesus. This truly encourages us to continue the work for the salvation of souls. God bless you.


No effect


June 06, 2007


I used to practice another religion and I also worshipped idols. My hand was affected by a disease and I went to many hospitals for help, but was not cured. I also prayed to many idols and gods for healing, but the prayers had no effect. One day the brothers from the JESUS Film came to our area. I saw the film and the miracles done by Jesus, and I knew that Jesus would heal my disease. I believed on Him as my Lord and then the team prayed for me. Since that day, my hand cured. Jesus Christ has done miracle in my life.  

Give Him A Chance


June 04, 2008

As I was going to visit my friends at Kitheo, I met a group of villagers who were heading towards the coffee factory grounds. I followed to see where they were heading. When we arrived at the grounds I noticed a film screen was mounted.  I called my friends and told them there was a Christian meeting and they decided to join me.