The 7 member SNU student team arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa on Sunday, June 5th in time to change clothes and attend Sunday morning worship service, "with toothpicks in our eyes," team leader Todd said. 

The team was able to relax some that afternoon and the next day before beginning orientation with the YIM team that joined them in Johannesburg on Tuesday. Orientation included discussing cultural issues and JESUS Film training. During the week they also did ministry in the afternoons and evenings. They participated in sport's days and a youth rally and used the EvangeCube for personal evangelism. 

Todd shared one story about using the EvangeCube: "One afternoon I went out with some of the youth from the church with the EvangeCube. I spent about 2 hours talking with two guys about my age about all kinds of things. At the end I walked through the Cube with them and lead them to Christ! I was so excited to share this with the group that evening, when Missy shared that she had lead 5 girls to Christ that same afternoon!" 

To end their week of ministry in South Africa on Sunday night they showed the JESUS Film at a church in Soweto. Monday they left for Mozambique; there they split into 3 groups. The guys went with Carlos Bauza first to help with a youth camp. Then they spent 2 weeks in the bush showing the JESUS Film. They showed the film 10 times to both strengthen churches and plant new mission churches. "It was astonishing. I was not ready for it, to see hundreds of people gather in the middle of the bush," Todd confessed. 

Two of the four girls stayed in Maputo to show the JESUS Film and to teach Teaching English Opens a Window to the World which is an ESL curriculum developed by Campus Crusade for Christ using the JESUS Film. 

The other two girls went north into Mozambique with Doug and Elaine, missionaries in the area. They worked in the area of Xai Xai showing the film and were able to attend a District Assembly.

Todd believes the teams showed the film over 20 times to approximately 25,000 viewers with 10,000 decisions for Christ. 

After their three weeks of ministry in Mozambique the students gathered together and headed back to Johannesburg. The team had some fun then at the mall, elephant sanctuary, and a theme park. They spoke and sang in the Sunday morning service before leaving for the US on Sunday night. 

Todd wrapped up the trip this way: "The experience changes your whole perspective. It was overwhelming and energizing at the same time." 

For pre-trip information about the SNU team read "SNU Students will go to S. Africa and Mozambique".

The following was reported by a JESUS Film team in Mozambique: This month's [June] ministry with the JESUS Film was blessed with the visit of a team from Southern Nazarene University. God used the students to share faith with the brothers at the camp and in the mountain where many people accepted Jesus during their visit. We were well received in all the places, and by God's help we will have much fruit to harvest in the coming months. God helped us through difficult situations, of diseases and protected us every day. He blessed us with many people coming to the altar; as much as for the students as for the Mozambican brothers. This month was a blessing. Let us pray for the students that saw the work of Jesus.